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Why You Need Custom-Made Mylar Bags for Your Weeds

It pays to be very cautious when you are in possession of marijuana. Mylar bags can help contain the smell of weeds inside it, so there will be no trace that you have weeds in your backpack or closet. Most dispensaries are now using Mylar bags for packaging weeds and delivery for their efficiency. That is the reason why, Looking for custom mylar bags for my cannabis dispensary.

You ought to choose the best, or you can be busted by your young kid at home because the Mylar bag you bought is not efficient enough to contain all the smell. Indeed, a custom-made Mylar bag is essential for a weed user. It helps if you have one for your home and another that is meant for traveling if you travel a lot. Here are the reasons why you should always use Mylar bags when packing your weeds.

It Keeps Off Your Kids From Finding Your Weeds

It will not only be your young kids but also from other members of the family who do not support your cannabis activities. Once they smell your weeds, kids may play with it, and it can be harmful to their health. The worst thing that they can do is to bring it to neighbors’ houses and show them. And what about your unsupportive wife? You will surely find your weeds down the drain.

Your Bills and Documents Will Not Smell of Weeds

To be safe from unauthorized hands, it helps if you keep your weeds in the safe or in a locked drawer. Other items in the safe or drawer, such as paper bills and important documents, will not smell weeds; putting your cannabis supply in Mylar bags will do the trick.

Mylar bags will also protect your clothing and other items in your backpack from getting the smell of weed if you are traveling with some cannabis.

You Can Discreetly Transport Your Weeds

Transporting marijuana can put you in danger if you did not pack it in Mylar bags. Weeds have a strong scent that can easily be detected by someone who comes near. And what about if a police’ sniffing dog comes near you? You may have no way out. For added measure, put your weeds in a Mylar bag and place it in the trunk of your car.

Protects Your Weeds From Contaminants

With heat seal technology, the Mylar bag can be as air-tight as can be, so no contaminants can get inside the bag that can alter the quality of the weeds. Some custom-made bags have a zip-lock design so you can seal it. This will help in maintaining the integrity of your weeds for a longer time.

While Mylar bags can help you conceal the weeds in your possession in your own home, and while traveling, it now lies on you on how to use your weeds as discreetly as possible so as not to get caught.…

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How to Find the Best Cloud Data Backup Service Provider

A lot of businesses today depend on applications and data to offer better service to their clients. Therefore, there is a need to protect the data. Cloud storage options provide a model where digital data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed at any particular time and from anywhere.

The truth is that choosing the right cloud-based data backup service is quite difficult. That is because there are many features, but everything comes to what you need and the service that is offered. With a cloud backup service, you can store data and files. The following some of the things to look for when choosing a cloud data backup service.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

What you need to do is to evaluate the amount of storage you need. Ideally, you can get the capacity of 1GB to unlimited space. In this case, the amount of space offered is related to the service cost. Also, the cost will rise with an increase in the amount of data that should be backed up.

How Secure is It?

As you know, data is quite vulnerable, whether it is in use or in storage. Thus, there is a need to ensure your data is encrypted. That means converting the data into a code to prevent unauthorized access when data is being uploaded, accessed, and in storage. Most cloud data backup providers keep files in encrypted formats before transmitting them into the cloud.

What is the Pricing Structure?

You should look at the data backup pricing model before you hire the service. Usually, pricing is based on the number of features provided and the storage capacity you need. It is vital to look for cloud backup service providers who provide better service that suits the business model and has a flexible and affordable pricing structure. Ensure you ask for the setup cost, software fees, and hardware fees and whether there are additional charges.

Backup Frequency

You should know the frequency at which data is backed up to the cloud. Usually, backup frequencies are provided on a fixed, hourly, daily, and monthly basis. Ideally, vendors offer a wide range of data backup practices. That means you can find what suits your type of business. Some services offer backup as you make changes. You can decide to backup the entire document or changes that you have made. It is important to know who handles your data. There are different regulatory standards to check.…

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Factors Affecting Foreign Exchange Rates

One of the most-watched economic parameters is forex exchange rates. Exchange rates can be defined as a comparison of a country’s currency value to that of another nation. Forex exchange rates have a direct effect or trade and foreign investments. They are particularly relevant to individuals who money from one currency to another. The volatile nature of exchange rates makes it imperative for anyone in a business that is affected by exchange rates to keep up with key developments in financial markets. Here are some factors that affect foreign exchange rates.

Current Account Deficits

trending trend

A current account deficit defines the difference in the account balance of trading countries. For instance, a deficit results when a country imports goods of high value than those it imports. This imbalance in trade often ends hurting the value of a local currency, considering that it needs more foreign capital. Countries should try and improve the value of their exports to address these imbalances.

Government Debt

The total debt owed by the central government also affects the foreign exchange rate. A country with huge amounts of debt is prone to inflation due to the increased volume of foreign investment and capital. This explains why most countries are overly cautious when it comes to international borrowing.

Economic Performance

The economic performance of a country also affects the value of its local country, and consequently, its exchange rates. Economic performance depends on a country’s political stability and policies. Favorable governmental policies go a long way in encouraging both local and foreign investments, thereby affecting the value of local currencies.

Interest Rates

dollar currencyHow much banks charge borrowers also affects foreign exchange rates. Interest rates affect the borrowing and spending abilities of the borrowers. High interest rates improve business costs and also hurt investments. Interest rates, therefore, can be used to assess a country economic performance and the performance of its currency in the forex markets.


Speculation is essentially about projects in a country economic position. Forex traders should be on the lookout for signs that might be indicative of the currency of a country is about to rise or decline. The ripple effect is described as inflation. A high demand of a local among forex traders, for instance, might push its value up. This consequently leads to improved foreign exchange rates.…

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Facts about bitcoin few are aware of

The year that Bitcoin exploded exponentially and transforming into a household name was 2017. This year saw an incredible price rally that attracted a great deal of attention from the international media. What was once shunned as a fringe internet scam has become a regular in the business news section? It is hard to come across someone who has not come across the name Bitcoin. Surprisingly, there are some facts about Bitcoin that many remain oblivious about.

1. Identity of the inventor is unknown

bitcoin trading

The alias name of the inventor of the cryptocurrency is Satoshi Nakamoto. What is surprising is how he vanished completely after inventing Bitcoin. According to Bitcoin economy insiders, it is estimated that Satoshi Nakamoto is worth over $13 billion and has been nominated for a Nobel Prize under the category of Economic Sciences. The last post made under his alias name was back in 2011.

2. Bitcoin is not controlled by a person or entity

We are so used to the conventional financial system that the thought of an autonomous self-run currency seems impossible. Surprisingly, this is the case with Bitcoin. No government or central bank can regulate it, meaning that the users are their own bank. It is no surprise that several governments have declared the use of Bitcoins to be illegal. In countries like Bangladesh, using Bitcoins can land you in jail. Despite the threat for governmental bodies and agencies, many users still prefer to use Bitcoins. Their peer-to-peer nature means their use cannot be stopped or checked.

3. Limited Supply

Currently, there are over 21 million bitcoins circulating in the market. This was how it was coded. It is approximated that the 21million coin limit will be reached in 2140. As of now, there are close to 17 million coins in circulation. The limit in supply remains one of the reasons why the value of Bitcoin has shot through the roof.

4. Over 20,000 Bitcoin millionaires

According to the Bitcoin rich standings, over 20,000 people are past the millionaire mark. As a matter of fact, some have even crossed the Billionaire mark. This was witnessed during the recent price surge that got all analysts off-guard.

5. Transparency

There is a popular notion that Bitcoin is highly anonymous. Unfortunately, this is not so. The transactions that take place through Bitcoin are quite transparent. Your Bitcoin is stored in a single address meaning you will keep reusing it. This means that everyone you interact with can trace your online footsteps. As a result, Bitcoin is regarded as the most transparent money system ever invented.

6. Supercomputers are no match for the Bitcoin network

bitcoin networkThe power of 500 supercomputers when combined cannot match the Bitcoin network. As of now, the networks operate at a hash rate of just under 15 million TH/s. This is more than the world’s most powerful supercomputer.

7. Bitcoin energy use exceeds that of some countries

A report by a leading UK energy platform reveals that the power consumption by Bitcoin is over 30TWh annually. This figure is more than 159 individual countries in the Americas, Africa, and Europe.…

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Best Ways To Announce Your Wedding

Every woman wants to share her dream with almost all people near and far from her. Everyone dreams of her wedding day. This is among the best days of an individual’s life and one could wish that as many people as possible witness this day. You can do this by ensuring that you invite as many people as possible to your wedding. So what are the ways on how to have your wedding announced in the best way possible?

Through newspapers

weddingNewspapers provide a site where they announce weddings. Be clear on the site where you will have your wedding. Give enough directions to ensure that people are aware of the place. You can also give the theme color of your wedding. Give them the date of the wedding. Through the newspaper, many people will be able to access the information and attend your wedding.

Send invitation cards

This is a card that is aimed at communicating to people to cancel their dates to attend your important day. People need adequate time to prepare for your wedding so make sure you do not send the card a time that is nearing your wedding; this is because they might be having other plans and might miss out. If you send earlier enough, they will fix your day into their calendar and purpose to attend, but if you send too early, they are also likely to forget.

Through social media networks

Post your wedding function in your Facebook account, to your friends via Whatsapp, through Instagram and other social media networks. You can also send emails to your friends. Social media is used by many people worldwide, and therefore you can rest assured that many people will get your message and purpose to attend.

Print your bridal card

Make your cards. Since you are planning for your wedding, you should plan to save enough money for your wedding. Printing your cards will be a bit cheap for you. On the envelope, make it appear beautiful by attaching some stickers, put roses or even a heart. You can attach some pictures on it showing couples. Let the card speak for itself. On the card also include your details and all the description of the event then you can send it to whoever you would wish to attend.

Announce in the church

This is the most local way of doing it. Make sure that your wedding is announced in the church more than once. Make arrangements with your pastor for the announcements. Oral announcements spread faster too through the church members. They will invite a lot of people who are not members of your church too.

Preparing your family members and friends may be both expensive and cheap. You should be creative in your arrangements and ensure that you spend little and save the rest for the event since you will need to pay for a lot of services come that day. Also, plan to make your wedding the most colorful you would ever dream of because it is a one-day event in your entire life. Com Bossa can also help you to make your wedding a colourful one.…

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Role Of SEO To Small Business

SEO is important for all businesses, and they must have at least some knowledge about it. It is the cheapest means that you can use to sell your products online. The SEO is good in that it can help you create a faster and better also friendlier website for all your users. Search engine optimization does not only focus on the search engine but also on the consumers. Good search engine marketing techniques are meant to improve the experience of the users and will also create good customer benefits.

You need to come up with a business website so that you may increase and also differentiate the customer base. It is known that when a business has a website, it is likely to grow faster than those that do not have one. However, not every company out there can offer quality SEO services, For example, if you’re looking for Leicester SEO services, you need to first carry out a thorough research and pre-qualify the existing SEO firms available to you. SEO is likely to help your business gain good rankings in search engine pages and will make more people visit your site, and you will have many customers.seo

The role of SEO to small business

Grand brand recognition

This is the amount of degree to which your customers get the ability to recognize your services or products. SEO, therefore, will help in improving the visibility of your brand before your able customers do. When your brand is exposed to your customers regularly, will enhance recognition of your brand which may make more customers purchase and you will in return gain enough profit.


Website traffic and leads

When you invest in SEO campaigns, your business is promoted higher in the local search results. This enables most people to click on your website. When there is an increased traffic coming to your website, then most customers will also increase, and you are likely to have increased sales. This will make your business known in the local area even if it is small. You will also have new customers, and also the old customers stick to you.

Improve website visibility on local listings

local listingsLocal search engine optimization will attract potential buyers to your website. This is enabled through ranking your business higher than the other available businesses in your locality. All customers always enjoy doing businesses around their locality, and if you provide the best services, you are likely to have more customers than all the other businesses in your locality. A local supplier can eliminate transportation and middlemen costs for you and that i9s why you need to purchase from small businesses around you. If you are in that locality, it is good that you visit the place and if your business is found in your local search results then you are likely to get new customers.

Increased earning potential

SEO can increase your earnings to your small business. You can make a profit that is much more than the amount you used to start your business. SEO helps your business to be viewed and, therefore, helping your business to maximize your sales and enable you to make more money. With a good SEO, a small business can benefit even if it is not recognized highly.…

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Guidelines for Filipinos Working Abroad

Working abroad is the dream of everyone. However, it is important to make sure that you get the most out of it. For people working abroad, planning is essential to avoid being caught up in work. The challenge comes in learning how to balance work, lifestyle, and finances.

Most of the people who go to work abroad do that so that they can help their families and secure their future. The website will help you connect to other Filipinos working abroad. For many Filipinos, working overseas is seen as a short-term thing. Here are guidelines to Filipinos working abroad:

Save and invest

When working abroad, it is important to remember that you arepassport and camera going to work not a tourist. You are only working there for some time to secure your future. Your main goal should be to save and invest as much as possible. Unfortunately, some Filipinos who work abroad overindulge in luxuries and forget the main reasons why they went to work abroad.

It is good to reward yourself once in a while but is important to remember the bigger picture of going to work abroad. Make sure that you save and invest so that you can create a good future once you finally go back home.

Stay in touch with family

Working abroad does not mean that you detach from your family. You should always take some time and talk to your family. Technology has made it possible to connect with family members whenever and wherever.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and talk to your family. Update them on your progress and also listen to what they have to say. Making enough money working abroad is important, keeping family ties back at home is also good.

Evaluate your growth

It is essential to take a moment once in a while to evaluate your growth regarding investment and career. For instance, after every year, you should be able to take stock of your financial and career life. By doing this, you will be able to determine whether the job is adding any value to your life.

There is no point of spending years working abroad if it does not make you a better person. the whole idea of going far away from your family and friends is to create a good life for yourself and your family.

work abroad

Set goals

You should always set goals even when working abroad. Before you even start working, you should have some long-term plans in mind. These are the plans that will guide and motivate you every day.

The goals should be very clear, and they should act as a guideline when working away from home. The goals do not have to be financial only. You can even set personal goals to help you become a better person.…

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hunting Knife

If you are a seasoned hunter or just some trying for the first time, one of the most important things to have is a hunting knife. A hunting knife is a must have as much as you might need some other survival essentials  from. The uses of a hunting knife are many. You can use it to hunt, cut a few branches or even a security tool. As such, a hunting knife should be versatile in terms of functionality. Here are a couple of factors to consider when choosing a survival knife.

Choosing a hunting knife


hunting knife

The strength of a hunting knife is its ability to withstand cutting forces without breaking. A knife without adequate strength is bound to be deformed when subject to very high forces. Moreover, it is hard to sharpen a soft material, and when sharp, most of these materials do not maintain the sharpness for long. However, toughness has a negative relationship with strength. As such, materials that show significant strength tend to have low toughness and vice versa.


The ability to take an edge and maintain it is an important characteristic when choosing a survival knife. A good survival or hunting knife should be easily sharpened, and it should also hold its grip. The thinness of a blade determines its sharpness. On the flip side, very thin edges tend to lose their edge quickly. The most important thing to look for when looking at an edge is the ability to take and hold the edge.


This an essential characteristic when shopping for a survival knife. Toughness defines the ability to withstand impact forces without damage. A sturdy blade can be used for digging or chopping without showing any signs of damage.

Corrosion resistance

knifeCorrosion resistance is another important quality to look for in a hunting knife. A good knife should not be corroded or stained easily. However, this is a fairly old characteristic considering that modern units are made from stain resistant metals, which are rarely stained.

Wear resistance

This property describes a material’s ability to withstand abrasion. It is somewhat similar to the ability of the blade to take an edge. In this case, this property looks at the whole unit. A good hunting knife should have high resistance to wear. Interestingly, these property varies considerably even between materials of similar hardness.…

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Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant For Your Business

If you are a small business owner, a busy entrepreneur or a person who is always on the move, then you need to procure the services of a virtual assistant. It is about time you take advantage of the technological advancements and embrace the new ways of doing business. Smart PA is an evolutionary business development that comes in handy in helping business people to navigate the rough business path.

Hire a VA for your business

Helps you save time

Time is very important in whatever engagement that one is undertaking. Time is therefore very important in improving one’s business. When you have a virtual assistant, you have the option of delegating those tasks that are time-consuming, those that are boring and the ones that do not need your control to them. This is very important as it will help you utilize your time properly so that you focus more on activities that help improve your business and revenue.


Save money

It is better to seek the services of a virtual assistant who has experience in service delivery to small businesses as opposed to hiring an in house worker. It will be a money saving move as you will only be paying for the time they work which is 100% productive. When you work with a virtual assistant, you will be able to save the costs that you could have incurred in paying for office rent, computers, training, employees insurance and other things like taxes.

Highly qualified and experienced experts

Another benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is that you will be working with professionals who are highly qualified and experienced in a variety of fields. They usually offer you a helping hand in running your business. If you are not feeling well, or you are busy, or you are going out for a business trip, your business will not be affected as your virtual assistants are there to ensure that everything runs normally. This gives you an opportunity to lead a stress-free life.

VAs meet your requirements

Whichever your requirements maybe, be it web design, creating blogs, customer service, label printing, article writing or even site optimization, be sure that virtual assistants will be there to get the job done. Another advantage is that you do not need to pay them on a monthly basis as you can sign in for their service either part time or full time as per your needs.


They are easily accessible at any time

One other advantage of using virtual assistants is that their professionals are accessible throughout the world. For instance, if you assign them to work that you need to be done at the end of the day, they will take up the job in the morning and have the whole day to complete it. So that by the time you wake up the following day, you will find the job ready.…

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Six Tips For Making Your Signage Unique


It may look almost impossible to make your company’s signage unique from the crowd today, but with some work, you can make your dreams come true. It’s not impossible. The following tips will help you achieve your goals depending on your situation.

Consider signage design

signage designWhen you are thinking about getting new signs new york the signage design is probably the most vital part. You can decide to modernize a few things on your signage when coming up with a new concept. Ignoring to update your signage could be the key reason why it’s not standing out from the crowd. Signage design involves more than just sign design. It includes knowing where they should be placed like outdoors, indoors, vehicles, paths just to mention a few. Before considering any signage design, you should seek professional advice.

Signage type matters

Today, there are countless options when it comes to signage. Additionally, there are multiple materials, styles and shapes so feel free to think outside the box. Nothing is impossible when it comes to creating signage.

Check location and space layout

Before designing your signage, it’s a grand idea to have a look at your place and space design to identify the best places to put your signage without much trouble. For instance, look at the ceiling, walls, floor and even doors. And that is not all. Look at the entrance, corridors, bathrooms and many other places.

Don’t break the law

When designing your signage, it’s important that you avoid brushing shoulders with the law as much as possible. You can do this by getting informed of the rules and regulations that govern the production of signage in your state and take advantage of what you are permitted to do regarding advertising your business via signage. Creating some types of signage may get you into trouble with the authorities, and you need to be a little keener not to break the law.

Test your signage

After putting up your signage, avoid ignoring chatting about it with your clients as most business owners do across the globe. Instead, take your time to find out from your customers if they located your business easily and the signage helped them. If you get a negative response from many clients, then you should consider improving it. For instance, if you realize that you have placed your signage in the wrong place you need to change its location. On the flip side, if many of your clients complain that your signage type or size, you would better seek advice from experts.

Clean your signage

33 d,vnldfjkIf you have an already existing signage, then you have to keep it clean. It’s a no brainer that if you are looking to get the most out of your signage, then you have to clean it now and then. Elements like dust, grime and smog make your signs look tarnished sometimes. Old and rusty signs don’t look attractive, and they will give them the impression that your business is useless as well as out dated. If cleaning can’t help the situation anymore, expert signage is not expensive, and the amount of business it can generate makes it worth every single cent. Get it updated.…

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How To Choose The Right Preschool For Your Child

ChildWorried on how to choose the right preschool for your child? You can now relax since choosing the right preschool for your child is not difficult anymore. You have to be well prepared for the processed of choosing a preschool starting with the research. As a parent, come up with valid reasons as to why you want to take your child to a preschool. You should as well come up with overall goals of what you want your child to achieve after taking preschool.

Factors to help you choose the best preschool

Is the preschool suitable for your child?

If you want to choose the right preschool for your child, choose the one that suits your child’s needs and wants. It is advisable for you to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses to find a good school that suits your child. Find out the skills that the preschool expects your child to develop. The preschool should be able to work on different skills to build more strength and overcome the weaknesses.

Pay visits

It is important for you to visit the preschool in person to carry out research and observe how the children interact with their teachers and staff members. Observe how they carry out their activities around the school and make sure that they fit your child’s needs. According to the The London Preschool, when you pay a visit to a nursery school, you will be able to ask as many questions as you want to give you a clear picture.

The safety

Another thing to consider is the safety of your child. Check out if the preschool is licensed and meets the safety standards since it is dealing with small children. The floors, playgrounds, and learning must be safe for the children. When choosing the right preschool for your child make sure that it is safe for your child. No one wants to be called because their child had an accident could be avoided by observing safety rules.Child

The environment and location of the preschool

When choosing the right school for our child, consider the location of the preschool is convenient and easily accessible. Check out the environment surrounding if it’s conducive for your child. The weather, noises and the surroundings’ of the preschool are some of the things to put into consideration when choosing the right school for your child.…

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Things To Carry When Going Out For Camping

It is no secret that many people like camping. But it will interest you to note that every individual or person takes a different approach in planning. You will see this in a variety of aspects, one major one being on the way an individual will pack. Others will undertake a lot of planning, while a majority of people have been seen to prefer packing at the last possible moment.

Another difference comes in the things that they pack and the way that they park them. This is when you will know the different approaches that individual take in packing. Besides the different approaches that one may take in preparing for a camping trip, let us look at the essential that one should pack when planning a camping trip.camping

1. Water

Water should be among the first things that one should pack when they are going out for a camp. This is because water is essential for the survival of a human being. For each, you will need a gallon of water for each day. This will cater for the cooking and drinking. Even though most of the family campsites have spigots in the property, you are supposed to establish if they are present there. If the spigot is available, it is not portable hence you will need to bring your drinking water along.

2. Food

It is common knowledge that as you will be camping, you will need food to eat. It is advisable that you plan your meals in advance, and make sure that you do your shopping in advance as this will ensure that you have adequate time to purchase everything that you will need.

3. First aid kit

Before embarking on any camping, you should make sure that you have and take along a well-stocked first aid kit. During your camp, you will encounter little things like cuts, burns, and even scrapes. Having a good first-aid kit will make sure that you deal with this situation before going to the nearest health facility if the injury is serious.

4. Shelter

Do not forget to carry your camping tent. Unless you are the type who prefers to be a backpacking minimalist, of which there are many individuals who enjoy this, carrying your camping tent along will ensure you your privacy, as it will protect you from wind, rain and the wild insects while you are sleeping.

5. Bedding

Remember to carry your bedding; they make the difference between you having good sleeping nights and having to endure uncomfortable nights. Everyone should ensure that they have sleeping bags. If you are going to camp in areas that are cool, make sure that you carry along some blankets which you will throw on top of the sleeping bags.

6. Clothing

campingIt is important that you bring along clothes which will carry you through the different weather conditions that you will experience. Carry a rain coat to protect you from getting wet if it rains, a jacket will be efficient in handling the light evening temperature. If you are going out with kids, carry along more changing clothes as they will get dirty.

Make sure that you pack the essentials first as the amount you will carry depends on the space that you have.…

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Las sociedades actuales presentan cada día más enfermedades relacionadas con la alimentación. La conocida como Enfermedad Celiaca, consistente en la intolerancia permanente al gluten afecta a un 1% de la población, ello supone por tanto que hay más 400.000 celiacos en España, y más 2,5 millones en Europa.

foodAnte esta situación era importante la movilización colectiva del sector hostelero para hacer de nuestra Comunidad una región ejemplar en cuanto a accesibilidad alimentaria para los enfermos celíacos.

Por este motivo, CONHOSTUR ha puesto en marcha con la colaboración de la Conselleria de Turismo y el respaldo de la Asociación de Celiacos de la Comunitat Valenciana (ACECOVA) y de la Federación Española de Celiacos (FACE), un gran proyecto que va a responder a las necesidades de los enfermos celiacos y acompañantes que visitan nuestra comunidad facilitando que los enfermos celiacos puedan encontrar sin dificultad menús sin gluten entre los restaurantes de la comunidad.

Entre las actividades en las que participarán los restaurantes implicados en el proyecto cabe destacar la puesta en pancakemarcha del Club de Restauración para Celíacos a través del cual los restaurantes participantes dispondrán de un distintivo a la entrada del establecimiento que los identificará como pertenecientes al Club. Asimismo se ha elaborado la Guía de establecimientos pertenecientes al Club de Restauración para Celíacos así como en un portal web, todo ello con el objetivo de hacer mayor difusión a nivel europeo de la iniciativa y de la red de establecimientos participantes.

Gracias a este proyecto la Comunitat Valenciana se convierte en un destino privilegiado por su especial capacidad de atención a las personas celíacas. Lo que supone, sin duda, una extraordinaria oportunidad para convertirla en un lugar de referencia en el panorama turístico nacional e internacional para los millones de personas que directa o indirectamente padecen la enfermedad y están expectantes de este tipo de iniciativas que faciliten sus viajes y normalicen su vida.


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