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Factors Affecting Foreign Exchange Rates

One of the most-watched economic parameters is forex exchange rates. Exchange rates can be defined as a comparison of a country’s currency value to that of another nation. Forex exchange rates have a direct effect or trade and foreign investments. They are particularly relevant to individuals who money from one currency to another. The volatile nature of exchange rates makes it imperative for anyone in a business that is affected by exchange rates to keep up with key developments in financial markets.┬áHere are some factors that affect foreign exchange rates.

Current Account Deficits

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A current account deficit defines the difference in the account balance of trading countries. For instance, a deficit results when a country imports goods of high value than those it imports. This imbalance in trade often ends hurting the value of a local currency, considering that it needs more foreign capital. Countries should try and improve the value of their exports to address these imbalances.

Government Debt

The total debt owed by the central government also affects the foreign exchange rate. A country with huge amounts of debt is prone to inflation due to the increased volume of foreign investment and capital. This explains why most countries are overly cautious when it comes to international borrowing.

Economic Performance

The economic performance of a country also affects the value of its local country, and consequently, its exchange rates. Economic performance depends on a country’s political stability and policies. Favorable governmental policies go a long way in encouraging both local and foreign investments, thereby affecting the value of local currencies.

Interest Rates

dollar currencyHow much banks charge borrowers also affects foreign exchange rates. Interest rates affect the borrowing and spending abilities of the borrowers. High interest rates improve business costs and also hurt investments. Interest rates, therefore, can be used to assess a country economic performance and the performance of its currency in the forex markets.


Speculation is essentially about projects in a country economic position. Forex traders should be on the lookout for signs that might be indicative of the currency of a country is about to rise or decline. The ripple effect is described as inflation. A high demand of a local among forex traders, for instance, might push its value up. This consequently leads to improved foreign exchange rates.…

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