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How to Find the Best Cloud Data Backup Service Provider

A lot of businesses today depend on applications and data to offer better service to their clients. Therefore, there is a need to protect the data. Cloud storage options provide a model where digital data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed at any particular time and from anywhere.

The truth is that choosing the right cloud-based data backup service is quite difficult. That is because there are many features, but everything comes to what you need and the service that is offered. With a cloud backup service, you can store data and files. The following some of the things to look for when choosing a cloud data backup service.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

What you need to do is to evaluate the amount of storage you need. Ideally, you can get the capacity of 1GB to unlimited space. In this case, the amount of space offered is related to the service cost. Also, the cost will rise with an increase in the amount of data that should be backed up.

How Secure is It?

As you know, data is quite vulnerable, whether it is in use or in storage. Thus, there is a need to ensure your data is encrypted. That means converting the data into a code to prevent unauthorized access when data is being uploaded, accessed, and in storage. Most cloud data backup providers keep files in encrypted formats before transmitting them into the cloud.

What is the Pricing Structure?

You should look at the data backup pricing model before you hire the service. Usually, pricing is based on the number of features provided and the storage capacity you need. It is vital to look for cloud backup service providers who provide better service that suits the business model and has a flexible and affordable pricing structure. Ensure you ask for the setup cost, software fees, and hardware fees and whether there are additional charges.

Backup Frequency

You should know the frequency at which data is backed up to the cloud. Usually, backup frequencies are provided on a fixed, hourly, daily, and monthly basis. Ideally, vendors offer a wide range of data backup practices. That means you can find what suits your type of business. Some services offer backup as you make changes. You can decide to backup the entire document or changes that you have made. It is important to know who handles your data. There are different regulatory standards to check.…

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Facts about bitcoin few are aware of

The year that Bitcoin exploded exponentially and transforming into a household name was 2017. This year saw an incredible price rally that attracted a great deal of attention from the international media. What was once shunned as a fringe internet scam has become a regular in the business news section? It is hard to come across someone who has not come across the name Bitcoin. Surprisingly, there are some facts about Bitcoin that many remain oblivious about.

1. Identity of the inventor is unknown

bitcoin trading

The alias name of the inventor of the cryptocurrency is Satoshi Nakamoto. What is surprising is how he vanished completely after inventing Bitcoin. According to Bitcoin economy insiders, it is estimated that Satoshi Nakamoto is worth over $13 billion and has been nominated for a Nobel Prize under the category of Economic Sciences. The last post made under his alias name was back in 2011.

2. Bitcoin is not controlled by a person or entity

We are so used to the conventional financial system that the thought of an autonomous self-run currency seems impossible. Surprisingly, this is the case with Bitcoin. No government or central bank can regulate it, meaning that the users are their own bank. It is no surprise that several governments have declared the use of Bitcoins to be illegal. In countries like Bangladesh, using Bitcoins can land you in jail. Despite the threat for governmental bodies and agencies, many users still prefer to use Bitcoins. Their peer-to-peer nature means their use cannot be stopped or checked.

3. Limited Supply

Currently, there are over 21 million bitcoins circulating in the market. This was how it was coded. It is approximated that the 21million coin limit will be reached in 2140. As of now, there are close to 17 million coins in circulation. The limit in supply remains one of the reasons why the value of Bitcoin has shot through the roof.

4. Over 20,000 Bitcoin millionaires

According to the Bitcoin rich standings, over 20,000 people are past the millionaire mark. As a matter of fact, some have even crossed the Billionaire mark. This was witnessed during the recent price surge that got all analysts off-guard.

5. Transparency

There is a popular notion that Bitcoin is highly anonymous. Unfortunately, this is not so. The transactions that take place through Bitcoin are quite transparent. Your Bitcoin is stored in a single address meaning you will keep reusing it. This means that everyone you interact with can trace your online footsteps. As a result, Bitcoin is regarded as the most transparent money system ever invented.

6. Supercomputers are no match for the Bitcoin network

bitcoin networkThe power of 500 supercomputers when combined cannot match the Bitcoin network. As of now, the networks operate at a hash rate of just under 15 million TH/s. This is more than the world’s most powerful supercomputer.

7. Bitcoin energy use exceeds that of some countries

A report by a leading UK energy platform reveals that the power consumption by Bitcoin is over 30TWh annually. This figure is more than 159 individual countries in the Americas, Africa, and Europe.…

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Guidelines for Filipinos Working Abroad

Working abroad is the dream of everyone. However, it is important to make sure that you get the most out of it. For people working abroad, planning is essential to avoid being caught up in work. The challenge comes in learning how to balance work, lifestyle, and finances.

Most of the people who go to work abroad do that so that they can help their families and secure their future. The website will help you connect to other Filipinos working abroad. For many Filipinos, working overseas is seen as a short-term thing. Here are guidelines to Filipinos working abroad:

Save and invest

When working abroad, it is important to remember that you arepassport and camera going to work not a tourist. You are only working there for some time to secure your future. Your main goal should be to save and invest as much as possible. Unfortunately, some Filipinos who work abroad overindulge in luxuries and forget the main reasons why they went to work abroad.

It is good to reward yourself once in a while but is important to remember the bigger picture of going to work abroad. Make sure that you save and invest so that you can create a good future once you finally go back home.

Stay in touch with family

Working abroad does not mean that you detach from your family. You should always take some time and talk to your family. Technology has made it possible to connect with family members whenever and wherever.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and talk to your family. Update them on your progress and also listen to what they have to say. Making enough money working abroad is important, keeping family ties back at home is also good.

Evaluate your growth

It is essential to take a moment once in a while to evaluate your growth regarding investment and career. For instance, after every year, you should be able to take stock of your financial and career life. By doing this, you will be able to determine whether the job is adding any value to your life.

There is no point of spending years working abroad if it does not make you a better person. the whole idea of going far away from your family and friends is to create a good life for yourself and your family.

work abroad

Set goals

You should always set goals even when working abroad. Before you even start working, you should have some long-term plans in mind. These are the plans that will guide and motivate you every day.

The goals should be very clear, and they should act as a guideline when working away from home. The goals do not have to be financial only. You can even set personal goals to help you become a better person.…

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