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Best Ways To Announce Your Wedding


Every woman wants to share her dream with almost all people near and far from her. Everyone dreams of her wedding day. This is among the best days of an individual’s life and one could wish that as many people as possible witness this day. You can do this by ensuring that you invite as many people as possible to your wedding. So what are the ways on how to have your wedding announced in the best way possible?

Through newspapers

weddingNewspapers provide a site where they announce weddings. Be clear on the site where you will have your wedding. Give enough directions to ensure that people are aware of the place. You can also give the theme color of your wedding. Give them the date of the wedding. Through the newspaper, many people will be able to access the information and attend your wedding.

Send invitation cards

This is a card that is aimed at communicating to people to cancel their dates to attend your important day. People need adequate time to prepare for your wedding so make sure you do not send the card a time that is nearing your wedding; this is because they might be having other plans and might miss out. If you send earlier enough, they will fix your day into their calendar and purpose to attend, but if you send too early, they are also likely to forget.

Through social media networks

Post your wedding function in your Facebook account, to your friends via Whatsapp, through Instagram and other social media networks. You can also send emails to your friends. Social media is used by many people worldwide, and therefore you can rest assured that many people will get your message and purpose to attend.

Print your bridal card

Make your cards. Since you are planning for your wedding, you should plan to save enough money for your wedding. Printing your cards will be a bit cheap for you. On the envelope, make it appear beautiful by attaching some stickers, put roses or even a heart. You can attach some pictures on it showing couples. Let the card speak for itself. On the card also include your details and all the description of the event then you can send it to whoever you would wish to attend.

Announce in the church

This is the most local way of doing it. Make sure that your wedding is announced in the church more than once. Make arrangements with your pastor for the announcements. Oral announcements spread faster too through the church members. They will invite a lot of people who are not members of your church too.

Preparing your family members and friends may be both expensive and cheap. You should be creative in your arrangements and ensure that you spend little and save the rest for the event since you will need to pay for a lot of services come that day. Also, plan to make your wedding the most colorful you would ever dream of because it is a one-day event in your entire life. Com Bossa can also help you to make your wedding a colourful one.