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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hunting Knife

If you are a seasoned hunter or just some trying for the first time, one of the most important things to have is a hunting knife. A hunting knife is a must have as much as you might need some other survival essentials  from. The uses of a hunting knife are many. You can use it to hunt, cut a few branches or even a security tool. As such, a hunting knife should be versatile in terms of functionality. Here are a couple of factors to consider when choosing a survival knife.

Choosing a hunting knife


hunting knife

The strength of a hunting knife is its ability to withstand cutting forces without breaking. A knife without adequate strength is bound to be deformed when subject to very high forces. Moreover, it is hard to sharpen a soft material, and when sharp, most of these materials do not maintain the sharpness for long. However, toughness has a negative relationship with strength. As such, materials that show significant strength tend to have low toughness and vice versa.


The ability to take an edge and maintain it is an important characteristic when choosing a survival knife. A good survival or hunting knife should be easily sharpened, and it should also hold its grip. The thinness of a blade determines its sharpness. On the flip side, very thin edges tend to lose their edge quickly. The most important thing to look for when looking at an edge is the ability to take and hold the edge.


This an essential characteristic when shopping for a survival knife. Toughness defines the ability to withstand impact forces without damage. A sturdy blade can be used for digging or chopping without showing any signs of damage.

Corrosion resistance

knifeCorrosion resistance is another important quality to look for in a hunting knife. A good knife should not be corroded or stained easily. However, this is a fairly old characteristic considering that modern units are made from stain resistant metals, which are rarely stained.

Wear resistance

This property describes a material’s ability to withstand abrasion. It is somewhat similar to the ability of the blade to take an edge. In this case, this property looks at the whole unit. A good hunting knife should have high resistance to wear. Interestingly, these property varies considerably even between materials of similar hardness.…

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